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Cost Effective

A Quick, Cost Effective, and Professional CAD Plan Drawing Service for Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval.

Two storey rear extensions are a fantastic way to enhance your house by increasing the size of the existing space, normally at the rear of the property, you are adding space to the downstairs lounge, kitchen, dining room or other living areas, and you are increasing the available space upstairs by adding an extra bedroom, office or bathroom.

Why Choose Plan & Design

Whether you need to expand your house for a bigger family, or simply want to take use of the fantastic development opportunity that a two storey rear extension brings, our experienced team will guide you through the whole process.

We conduct a detailed consultation with all clients to ensure the extension they get matches their needs and desires.

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At plan and design we belive if you need a bigger home but relocating is not a practical option, then a two storey extension could be the answer for you as a more cost effective way to gaining a bigger home.




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